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Tendon stretching

In so doing, the tendons, muscles and soft tissue have to stretch under the weight of the body (as the ideal measure) because of the ever-necessary adjustment to the unevennes of the surface. Also, in order to “overcome” the obstacle, they have to lift the feet and the body thus getting – stronger.


Strenghtening all muscles

When walking on a surface like the Sand-y Natural Walker®, one has to overcome smaller/bigger bumps on one side and immediately after, by descending into the polyurethane foam with entire body weight, stretch and raise the whole body by contracting the muscles of one's of feet and legs. The muscles of feet and legs have to balance all the time during such a walk, thus maintaining the necessary body balance.


Diminished pain, fatigue and improved circulation

The mobility of joints in feet and ankles increases and the muscles of feet and legs are strongly activated. This strongly activates the “muscle pump” which rushes the blood from the capilaries and venules in the feet towards the broader veins in the legs, in the direction of the heart.

djeca u razvoju

Helping with growth and development

Preventive and therapeutic clinical application of this medicinal surface would be beneficial to all children over one year of age (as soon as they can walk) until the end of their growth, regardless of possible foot pathology, and even more so for those who suffer from a foot deformity, with reccomendation of the appropriate specialist, of course.


"We wish you well, particularly good health at any moment and at any place wherever you are"

Preventive-corrective medical walking path SAND-y NATURAL WALKER ®

zdravljeIt should be emphasized that the problems and difficulties with feet are ever note present, and that any attempt of their preventive-therapeutic treatment, especially a successful one (like for instance the Sand-y Natural Walker®) is more than welcome!

This should be stressed because all the adverse factors leading up to these difficulties (sedentary life with little movement, the greater use of aids/machines with less and less manual labor, walking on flat and hard (unnatural!) surfaces/terrains, often inadequate shoes and various relatively spread diseases like MS, CP) are still present.

It should be emphasized that very few efficient universal methods which could be applied where it is most necessary are currently used for preventive – thereapeutic purposes. Due to these premisses, it could be said for the Sand-y Natural Walker®, without any exaggeration, that finally an orthopaedic medical aid immitating a natural surface (a beach) has been created!

But also that this has been done so simply, so that anybody can use it according to their wishes/needs (strictly individually), and it was meant for use in (every family) homes, kindergartens, schools, fitness centers, hospitals, sports halls, rehabilitation centers, offices and anywhere where care is given to the health of a larger group of people (universality of application).

It is not irrelevant to mention the thus far observed quality of the product, long term maintenance of its functional properties and minimum maintenance requirements through recurrent use and use by different people, the simplicity of assembly/breakup and disposal. It also has the properties (today standard requirements) of material self-extinguishment and protection from radiation.

"The Basis of Health is in the Feet!"

With an innovative work we make sandy step factory ® an innovative product which is registered in Croatia (M980187; D20070006) and in the USA (US D571,917S).

The path is built of selfextinguishing two-component polyurethan and with no practical need to any special maintenance (antistatic!) and it is olmost of unlimited durability.

Standard product consists of three pieces (in total 150 x 50 cm) and is comfortable and sufficient for walking in every home, work-place, in schools and kindergartens, fitness centers, recreational and sports fields and centers, swimming-pools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and spa areas, boats, buses, trains, airplanes and more.

eureka 2001 bruxellesIt won a golden medal and a special diploma at the world exhibition of innovations EUREKA 2001 ( Bruxelles )
It won the SILVER and BRONZE MEDAL at the largest America’s Invention show - INPEX 2010

MS.c Aleksandar Stošić M.D., a specialist in orthopaedics and innovator